Vocal Detour, comprising of three passionate and highly experienced musicians, is an invaluable education resource. It engages students of all ages through a variety of programs which sustain, revive, develop and nurture their musical awareness. 


Many Minds Find One Voice is specifically designed for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. A toe-tapping mix of rounds, rhymes, rhythm games, directed listening, and vocal performance. It introduces students to harmony, partner songs, solfege, pitch mapping, rhythmic transformation, vocal and body percussion and extended vocal techniques. This presentation highly encourages active singing participation, encouraging children to ask questions and find their own voice. This comprehensive program can also be presented as an interactive Professional Development session for teachers with supporting resources included.


Creative Voices: Mind and Body is a practical and interactive workshop in which individual singers from Vocal Detour present in-depth sessions to help you discover how to unlock the secrets of your voice and body. It is an opportunity for vocalists and ensembles of all levels to work closely with the singers. Through interactive and educational activities participants develop skills in interpretation, improvisation, ensemble singing and performing. This the perfect opportunity to tailor our skills to your needs. 


Masterclasses: Flying Solo is a great platform for individual students to present and develop what they’re working on as solosits. Vocal Detour singers will walk students through the many facets of performance practice, giving specific advice tailored to each student’s chosen presentation.


NB: This type of Masterclass is provided in University courses and is an invaluable resource. We’d highly recommend this type of workshop for Year 8 - Year 12 music students.   


Adult/Tertiary Learning and Custom Workshops include presentations in advanced choral musicianship, stylistic practices, interpretation, body-awareness, communication, extended vocal techniques, historical temperaments, and much more. Students can also receive a variety of in-depth one-on-one sessions in vocal health and techniques, choral artistry and historical and contemporary performance practices. 


Our commitment is to ensure students experience the highest standard of vocal music. Our Education Programs are designed to meet that commitment. We would love to share the joy of music-making with you. In addition to the packages listed above, we are happy to tailor any program to suit your needs.

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