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  • Hannah Fraser


The children who come to Moorambilla, probably don't know what to expect when they arrive, and nor did I. My first time here was three years ago. It was through these kids that I found my sense of purpose. I felt I was finally a part of something that truly mattered. This program gives these children an opportunity to express themselves through art, stories, history, dance, song and percussion. Some prefer drumming, some prefer to sing, some prefer to reach into their souls through dance. All of them I am certain learn their greatness.

There is magic in the air, beyond my understanding. Foot prints in the dust, calls of curious birds, songs carried in the wind, tears which flow from hearts to the beating of hope and possibility. There are spirits here, there are feelings and everything is real.

Every person who comes to Moorambilla whether they know it or not have something to learn about themselves.

We inspire each other.

"tears which flow from hearts to the beating of hope and possibility..."

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