An uplifting, spiritually cleansing and intelligently multi-cultural Gallipoli tribute. The Crypt, St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney April 14, 2015 How do you commemorate an event of unimaginable horror? It’s a question many arts organisations have been pondering in recent months as the centenary of the ANZAC campaign at Gallipoli approaches. Some, such as the ACO’s Reflections of Gallipoli for example, have opted for unflinching historical accuracy, confronting the audience with the magnitude of the death and suffering experienced in those Turkish trenches one hundred years ago. This approach is strikingly effective, not to mention affecting, but there is another tact, such as that explored in t


"JUST THE RIGHT MIX OF DEVOTION AND ENJOY FOR GOOD FRIDAY" Couperin imbues the music with a lightness of touch By far the most intriguing work in the Sydney Consort Good Friday program was the short Francois Couperin motet style Troisième Leçon à deux voix for 2 sopranos and continuo. Even though the text and the subject matter are gloomy Couperin imbues the music with a lightness of touch. Perfectly matched musicians St Augustine’s is a perfect place for sopranos to let float a liquid line of bell-like notes. The acoustic makes the faster music a little blurry but it is ever so sweet. Sopranos Belinda Montgomery and Anna Fraser were beautifully matched by the impeccable harpsichordist M