Ken Unsworth Studio, Alexandria, Sydney, July 16 THE ARRANGEMENT - JONATHAN COOPER THE accepted wisdom is that dance careers are brutally short and in many – probably most – cases they are. The performers who break that barrier should be cherished. They may not have the effortless flexibility and super-human extensions they once had, but since when did elasticity equal artistry? Indeed, there is much discussion in classical circles these days about the great danger of tricks – endless turns, legs behind ears, gymnastics in the air – trumping emotional engagement, expressiveness, imagination and the use of the body as an infinitely varied instrument of meaning. In Australia there are few oppo


THE ARRANGEMENT has an astounding role call of talent that has been summoned to collaborate on a work of art: Visual, Music and Dance, by Mr Unsworth - the Arts. All, compelled by their artistic longings and disciplines, for those of us, less gifted, relatively, ordinary ones, who are entranced by the gifts of the extraordinary. Ken Unsworth has collaborated, once again, with the AUSTRALIAN DANCE ARTISTS: Susan Barling, Anca Frankenhaeuser, Patrick Harding-Irmer, Ross Philip (and Norman Hall); but also, this time, with Roland Peelman and THE SONG COMPANY: Clive Birch, Richard Black, Mark Donnelly, Anna Fraser, Hannah Fraser and Susannah Lawergren, and have invited composer, Jonathan Cooper,